Welcome Students, Colleagues and Friends,

This website is constructed primarily for the benefit of students at Colorado School of Mines in one of the law related courses I teach (Constitutional Law, Applied Philosophy of the Constitution, and Intellectual Property for Engineers). It seems the site has attracted others too – colleagues who teach in this field, and often friends and others in the community who share an interest in these topics. 

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A Little About Me

Since I want to know my students as people with families, friends, and non-academic interests, I’ll open that conversation by sharing a little about myself. I’m dad of three, husband, brother, son, father-in-law, friend, and various creatures that roam our home. I enjoy music, poetry, art, science, good food and bad food, my friends in the Evergreen community and other places near and far.

I hold two bachelor’s degrees (Law and Society, and Sociology) from the University of California at Santa Barbara (1983), and a Juris Doctorate from UC Berkeley (1986). I’ve been teaching law related courses at Colorado School of Mines for about 19 years, and served for many years on the faculty of the Women’s College at the University of Denver (Law and Society). I’m a practicing attorney specializing in civil litigation, real estate, corporations, and estate planning. 

I proudly serve various non-profits as an Emeritus Board member for Special Olympics Colorado, and formerly on the boards of the Mountain Resource Center, The Learning Center Preschool of Evergreen, and Congregation Beth Evergreen.

Core principle: Equality of our inherent dignity should be observed if we strive to build just communities on the little Earth we share. I maintain membership in a club that holds as its motto: “Helpful, Kind, Polite, Loving, Peaceful.” 

Late Fragment by Raymond Carver …

And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.

Take care, and give care!

Rich Levine