September 6, 2017 … 15 Elul 5777

Some Resources for Today (9/6) (15 Elul 5777) … Time in a Timeless Jewish Community (or, how do we deal with the 4th dimension)

What is a “parsha”?

The term parsha (plural parashiot) usually refers to the Torah reading for the week (parashat ha-shavua). The same reading is read by Jews all over the world that week. Most parsha are named after the first significant words in the reading. A parsha is also called a weekly portion.

Alternative English spellings: parshah, paraha

How do we use a “parsha calendar”?

Here is a link to the readings by date, and including both Hebrew and English written weekly Torah portions (parsha), and audio!  Click Here

This week’s parsha?  Ki Tavo “when you come”

What is your Hebrew birthday? Click Here

Hebrew Calendar/Lunar calendar?  Click Here

Moon Phases:  On a clear night, a Jew can look to the Moon and know well where in the month her community rests.



Moon Phase Image Description Lunar Day
Dark Not visible 0
New Not visible, or traditionally: first visible crescent of the Moon 1
Waxing Crescent Right 1-49% visible 3-4
First Quarter Right 50% visible 8
Waxing gibbous Right 51-99% visible 11-12
Full Fully visible 15
Waning gibbous Left 51-99% visible 18-19
Third Quarter Left 50% visible 22
Waning Crescent Left 1-49% visible 25-26
New Not visible 30