September 13, 2017 … 22 Elul 5777

  1.  G-dcast/BimBam:  Nitzavim

  2. Comparing Covenants in our lives:  Covenants in your school?  With friends? In your family?  The US Constitution?  Torah?

  3. Beehive Materials on Amazon:  choices to make.

  4. Discuss Wilderness Outdoors program. 10/22 at 3 Sisters? 10am-3pm, bring a sack lunch, one snack to share, water bottle, jacket and a journal/notebook.

    B’Nature© Programming for Bnei Mitzvah aged youth –
    Awaken and celebrate the many earth-based traditions of Judaism while engaging and nourishing connections between self, spirit, earth and community.   Following the natural calendar cycle and through embodied learning, students will embark on a nature-based journey of self-discovery. Complimenting the traditional Bnei Mitzvah process, adolescents will practice combining mindfulness and Mussar, with outdoor skill building and knowledge, to visualizing and then brining into focus their own NATURE-ALL relationships and rite of passage goals and objectives as they mature into the Jewish Community.