Law in Pop Culture

Law is pervasive in everyday life.  No surprise then that we find it sprinkled into film, music, television, theater and the like.

It’s so amusing to me that I’m starting a list — in no particular order yet!


  1.  I’m So Happy:  Sting plays a cosmic cowboy riding a techno pony through the mystical landscape of his divorce, complete with references to his lawyer as “Mr. Good News”:
  2. Springsteen:
    • Johnny 99  … “if you can take a man’s life for the thoughts that’s in his head …”
  3. I Fought The Law –  Bobby Fuller 4
  4. Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
  5. Alice’s Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie

 Great Case Treatments

  1. Real Animals, Fake Paws
  2. Index of RAFP video args
  3. Dogs Argue Windsor v US
  4. Dogs Arguing about Miller v Alabama
  5. Obergefell

Lawyer Jokes


  1. Mary Poppins (Sister Suffragette)