Law is pervasive in everyday life.  No surprise then that we find it sprinkled into film, music, television, theater and the like.

It’s so amusing to me that I’m starting a list — in no particular order yet!


  1.  I’m So Happy:  Sting plays a cosmic cowboy riding a techno pony through the mystical landscape of his divorce, complete with references to his lawyer as “Mr. Good News”:
  2. Springsteen:
    • Johnny 99  … “if you can take a man’s life for the thoughts that’s in his head …”
  3. I Fought The Law –  Bobby Fuller 4
  4. Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
  5. Alice’s Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie

 Great Case Treatments

  1. Real Animals, Fake Paws
  2. Index of RAFP video args
  3. Dogs Argue Windsor v US
  4. Dogs Arguing about Miller v Alabama
  5. Obergefell

Lawyer Jokes


  1. Mary Poppins (Sister Suffragette)