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About Me

Likely you touched down here because you’re a student at Colorado School of Mines in one of the law related courses I teach. This site is intended to help students in my courses, and random visitors who happen to share some interests. If you landed here while looking for information about my law practice, click here for  

Often websites have the “about me” (reminder to self … “it’s not about me”) ~ so, here’s a pigeon hole:

Dad of three, husband, brother, son, friend, and loyal servant to a terrific dog (Abraham Lincoln) and some other creatures which roam the home. I’m an attorney specializing in civil litigation, real estate, corporations, and estate planning. I enjoy music, poetry, art, science, good food and bad food, my friends in the Evergreen community and places near and far. I earned two bachelor’s degrees (Law and Society, and Sociology) from the University of California at Santa Barbara (1983), and a Juris Doctorate from UC Berkeley (1986). In the winter you might find me on a snowboard, in summer on a mountain trail, or in any season at jazz performances. I serve as a Board member for Special Olympics Colorado, Team Evergreen Bicycle Club (hosting the Triple Bypass from which $300,000 in proceeds were allocated to local charities), and the Evergreen Music Festival (proceeds benefiting school music programs in Evergreen).  

Core principle: Equality of our inherent dignity should be observed if we strive to build just communities on the little Earth we share. I maintain membership in a club that holds as its motto: “Helpful, Kind, Polite, Loving, Peaceful.” 

Take care, and give care!

Rich Levine